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Artisan Wood-Fired Pizza

made fresh at your location

We serve the following areas:
Carmel – Big Sur – Pebble Beach
Monterey – Santa Cruz – Paso Robles

Good food starts with quality ingredients.

My wife Angelina and I came together when I attended one of her healthy foods & lifestyle classes at Whole Foods. I was interested in learning how to be the best version of myself and I was noticing at the time that I felt slow, stuck and not healthy.


She taught me that the food you put in your body is like fuel. If your fuel is dirty, your body engine will not operate at full capacity.


We put this thoughtful approach to food into the ingredients we use at Fire on Wheels Pizza.


We proudly use organic, local and seasonal foods as much as possible. We are developing relationships with farmers and foragers all over the area and it shows in the taste of our food. When food is grown and made with love, you can feel it.


We also use this same approach when we cater your special event. Whether you are getting married, having an engagement party, a business event, or family gathering, the event itself will be that much better when everyone is enjoying food that is high quality, has a higher vibration energy because it is made with love, and it is that much more special when it is aesthetically beautiful.


Fire on Wheels Pizza is a family business. You will see our children at a lot of our events, helping out and lending their joyous energy to the proceedings. They remind us that connection is the key to happiness and that we started this business so we could teach them how to connect with their community and how when you work hard and put your heart into something, the payoff is much greater than money.

Wood-Fired Food

It simply tastes better. It simply tastes better.

We are Fired Up!

We love serving Delicious Mouth-Watering pizza.

Specialized Menu

We will create a custom menu for your catered event.

Venues we’ve catered include:

  • Holman Ranch
  • Gardener Ranch
  • Holly Farms
  • Camp Carmel Valley
  • Joyce Wine Co
  • Big Sur Vineyards
  • Loma Vista
  • Hidden Valley
  • Roadhouse

  • Roadhouse
  • Albatross Ridge Wine
  • Henry Miller Library
  • Earthbound Farms
  • Morgan Winery
  • McIntyre Winery
  • Wind and Sea Estates
  • Sand Rock Farms
  • Wave Street Studios
  • Carmel Valley Ranch

Let us come to your doorstep with our mobile
wood-fired pizza experience!

You can bring Fire On Wheels Pizza right to your corporate events, parties, weddings, or even to your house! We have a number of different options to choose from in order to best fit your party needs, and we’ll work with you on any special requests (that’s the fun part). You can choose from any of our pizzas, salads, and appetizers. Check out our sample menu and let’s create something that fits your taste buds and desires.

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